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FORCE IMI has identified the fundamental core values which set the foundation of our corporate and academic culture. We feel these core values embody the critical elements of PROFESSIONALISM in our industry. They not only define us as an organization but set a standard for the way we work within the organization, with stakeholders, and with industry partners.

Our corporate culture represents a COMMITMENT to the work ethic which helped shape America as a leader in business. The INTEGRITY required of our team assures fair and ethical business practices.  Our PASSION for the security industry is evident in the respect we afford our industry partners.

Our academic culture reflects the flat organizational structure which has allowed Israel to become a nation of first responders. This structure elevates staff ACCOUNTABILITY and streamlines the decision-making process. This allows our instructors enhanced coordination and speed of communication in the promotion of VIGILANCE and SAFETY.

                                    FORCE IMI – Civilian Training Motto

We are committed to training law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their loved ones.

FORCE IMI is a training establishment with different training perspectives and doctrines. Our instructors have high-level military and security backgrounds. Our slogan “We have been there we know what it takes” is not just a catchphrase or a cliché; it is an actual manifestation of our long-time experience confronting threats and responding to active scenarios.

The moment you decided to carry a firearm, you turn into your own and your household’s security officer; thus, you need to train as such.

Your training will prepare you to prevent entering into confrontation, and if prevention does not work, we will provide you with the tools needed to react using a firearm and defensive tactics (Defensive Krav Maga).

We will instill the techniques and tactics to turn you into  THE PROTECTOR of your loved ones, using the firearm in a legal and safe mode starting from introductory courses through our advanced courses.

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