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march, 2021

sun14mar9:00 am5:00 pmKrav Maga Defensive Tactics 3/14/2021


Event Details

Course Name: Krav Maga Defensive Tactics 

Course Level: Entry Intermediate to Expert

Length: 6  Hours

Price: $200 @ Force Training Center, Immokalee – at 9:00 am


This course meant to instill in the trainee the mentality of deterrence by awareness. The guiding principle is proactivity: the continuous evaluation of the environment- the place, the people, and the objects. This section will result in the trainee’s ability to observe and mentally categorize the potential threats in his immediate environment and eliminate the element of surprise. We can afford to be attacked but cannot afford to be surprised!

If the prevention methods are not successful, you will have to defend yourself. In a scenario that you are unable for any reason to use your firearm, DKM will provide the tools to protect yourself and your loved ones, thus increasing your survival resources.

DKM (Defensive Krav Maga) was designed as a practical and instinctive tool for people of any age, shape, or size. The technique utilizes your natural abilities, thus let you build advanced defense techniques and skills relatively fast and effectively. DKM does not provide belts, does not have uniforms, and no rituals, just a proven useful defensive tool!

During the course, we will combine DKM with live fire and use of simunition to provide as much as possible a realistic scenario.

Defensive Krav Maga

  • Was developed initially for the IDF and then adapted to civilian security
  • A mixture of many martial arts techniques.
  • An effective tool for use in very close combat when weapon malfunctions and if unarmed.
  • It is designed for people without a martial arts background
  • It incorporates instinctive reactions without the need to achieve a high level of physical agility and coordination.
  • An easy and fast way to master certain self-defense techniques that will help you to survive a violent attack

Subject to be cover during this class

The Israeli fighting technique Using Defensive KRAV MAGA (DKM)

  • Situational awareness and conflict avoidance tools
  • Introduction to Krav Maga- History
  • Characteristics of Krav Maga
  • Core techniques Defensive Krav Maga
  • Weapons of the Body
  • Targets of the Body
  • 360 Defense System
  • Defending and Disarming techniques for melee weapon threats.:
  • Defense against Batons and sharp objects
  • Defense against Pistol
  • Defense against knives and sharp objects
  • Krav Maga in conjunction with a firearm


Anyone that would like to improve survival chances while protecting your home, your loved ones, and yourself.

As well possess some knowledge and skills using a handgun and feel secure and comfortable while safely manipulating firearms


This course employs classroom lectures and discussions, demonstrations, live shooting drills.


100% Attendance. Successfully complete all practical exercises


  • Appropriate training attire (No open shirts or tank-top) Close shoes
  • Robust Belt to carry the weight of the gun and magazines.
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Pistol + 3 magazines
  • Fitting Holster
  • Magazine pouch for two magazines
  • 100 pistol rounds


– If you are unable to bring the above, please let us know we will provide eyes and ears protection.

  • We will supply the Krav Maga protective gear




FORCE IMI Certifications


Contact: H Geri –



(Sunday) 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


ForceCenter USA


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Price $200.00

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Total Price $200.00

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