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november, 2021

sun14nov9:00 am3:00 pmEvent OverLadies Pistol Self Defense 11/14/21


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Ladies Pistol Self Defense


Violence against women is causing a global epidemic

A recent report from the World Health Organization shows that more than a third of the women in the world are victims of sexual abuse and gender violence, something that is causing a problem of epidemic proportions according to this organization (Reuters, London Jun 20, 2013).

The rising tide of violence against women, in the various regions of the world, together with the inability of the authorities to provide adequate protection to its citizens, leads to a continued deterioration of the level of personal security.

Every female, to avoid dangerous incidents, to minimize risk, and improve the standard of living, should be aware that in her hands lies much of the solution to this problem through the development of security awareness, preventive behavior, and basic knowledge of the tools required to prevent the aggression and to respond assertively in case of imminent personal danger.

Our tools were adapted to civilian needs mainly to take to prevent and respond to Gender violence incidents, using real-life scenarios such as home, school, street work, etc.

Our methodology concentrates the efforts of training as close to reality as possible, starting from the pre prevention state through prevention until reaction.

Early identification of an upcoming violent incident is the most crucial issue; however, not everybody has the right skills and knowledge to perform them. If the prevention doesn’t work, we will give you the right tools to respond using a self-defense shooting system.


Subject to be cover during this class:

  • The legality of the use of Deadly force
  • The right mindset: Understanding Fight or Flight, Adrenaline, and endorphins, body and mind distortions, tunnel vision, evaluating options, and Decision making (The OODA loop)
  • The balance between speed and precision.
  • Various defense shooting positions
  • Clearing common pistol stoppages, and Fixing malfunctions
  • Mastering the handgun: Grip, combat body stance  and natural and neutral shooting platform, Fast Draw, Different ways to carry,
  • Target Alignment Options: Precise Sight Alignment, Flash sight picture.
  • Defensive shooting versus marksmanship
  • Muscle memory explained
  • Fast aiming shooting both hands
  • Mastering trigger and recoil
  • Movement and Shooting
  • Mastering magazine change
  • Tactical shooting drills.
  • Shooting from conceal and cover
  • Final shooting tactical drill

Course Goals:

  • To understand and use the tools to prevent getting into a violent situation and become a victim
  • To stimulate the ability to use response tool using a pistol
  • To promote the proactive mindset to engage from a tactically disadvantaged position
  • To enhance the technical and tactical skills to survive a violent incident and eliminate threats with precision and speed

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, participants will be able to achieve the following objectives in accordance with the information presented during the instructional period:

  1. Identify critical threat indicators before an active incident, when possible, to prevent it from occurring.
  2. Demonstrate high level of firearm proficiency.
  3. Operate under high levels of stress with fortitude and aggressiveness appropriate to the situation and within the confines of the law.
  4. Respond using the tactical tools to neutralize the threat and survive a violent incident.



This course employs lectures, discussions, demonstrations, life fire shooting, and live-fire tactical drills.

Course requirements:

100% Attendance and demonstrating safe use and manipulation of the firearm.

Who Should attend and prerequisites:

Women that would like to improve their skill using the concealed firearm and have some training with the specific pistol they carry. Participants must have a current State-issued Concealed Carry Permit or comparable documentation and be capable of engaging in moderate physical activity.

Students must bring with them

  • Appropriate training attire (No open shirts or tank-top) Close shoes, long comfortable pants
  • A cover shirt with front buttons for concealed training
  • Robust Belt to carry the weight of the gun and magazines.
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Pistol + 3 magazines
  • Holster suitable for a rapid draw
  • Magazine pouch for two magazines
  • 150 pistol rounds (Can be purchased at the market price at Trade Craft)


Please let us know if you don’t have what is needed for the course to accommodate your needs

Ladies Only Course -Train for Protection


(Sunday) 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


ForceCenter USA


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