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september, 2020

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Event Details

Merged Tactical Response with Tools in Close Quarters Encounters

Taught by Ambassador Shuki Drai of Mixed Defensive Tactics


This course employs lectures, discussions, demonstrations, Training, and medium to complex drills.

During this tactical training, the students will experience enhanced methods and drills that will require a high level of safety and self-discipline.


Course Description 

The Mixed Defensive Tactics Street Combat (MDTSC) system combines the best of a wide variety of ancient and modern styles into a practical approach that is highly effective in numerous scenarios involving improvised and real weapons. The course includes a variety of practical exercises and techniques that build on natural human bio-mechanical and gross motor skills movements. The methods, techniques and skills are practical, consistent, fast and effective against a variety of different attacks.

Target Audience 

Open to everybody that might receive new tools to respond to a wide variety of attacks and threat scenarios.  NO previous experience in martial art training is required!!!


Course Objectives 

At the completion of the course, the students should be able to:

  1. Recognize more rapidly when any object is about to be used as a weapon (for example a bottle, bat, crow bar, stick, household tool, or knife).
  2. Recognize the most dangerous attack options for a variety of objects and know the fastest and most effective initial defense responses.
  3. Be proficient at footwork and upper body response drills that greatly improve reaction times and threat avoidance.
  4. Be proficient at empty hand blocks and disarms of a variety of improvised weapons.
  5. Rapidly use available objects to block and disarm an attack.
  6. Be proficient at a variety of techniques for subduing and safely controlling an aggressive attacker.
  7. Be proficient at using an edged object and improvised weapons (such as a knife, impact tool or projectile tool) as a last resort defensive and offensive weapon.
  8. Be capable of responding with the appropriate level of force and selecting the best techniques, as dictated by the situation and the rules of engagement, without being improperly influenced by emotional reactions.



100% Attendance. Successfully complete all practical exercises.



Force IMI and Mixed Defensive Tactics Street Combat- Certificate of Completion.

Lead Instructor Shuki Drai

Master Instructor Shuki Drai, has more than 26 years of Martial Arts, Personal/VIP Security, Military and Tactical experience. He has studied and trained with masters from several martial arts fields using a wide variety of weapons.

His training and expertise earned him the 2010 Senior Tactical Instructor CQC Honor from the World Head of Sokeship Council Hall of Fame, the WOMA Sports Award from Special Office for Martial Arts and Doctorate Degree of Philosophy in Martial Arts & Sciences from the International University of Martial Arts Sciences.

He is the founder of Mixed Defensive Tactics Street Combat (MDT/SC)specializing in teaching military, law enforcement and security related tactical responses and skills. He is an ‘in demand’ seminar leader, working with many Law Enforcement Departments, State and Government Agencies (both of the USA and those abroad), Fortune 500 Companies, Military and Security Agencies.

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Note: Class will open once there are 10 participants


september 5 (Saturday) - 6 (Sunday)


ForceCenter USA


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