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november, 2020

sun29nov8:00 am7:00 pmSold Out!MULTIPLE TACTICAL DISCIPLINES TRAINING DAY - 11/29


Event Details

Multiple Tactical Disciplines - An Exciting Training Day!


This training day employs lectures, discussions, demonstrations, live shooting, and medium to complex drills.

During this tactical training, the students will experience enhanced methods and drills that will require a high level of safety and self-discipline.

When reacting as first responder to an active threat, you will have to act using aggression, determination, speed, and precision and find an unconditional way to engage the threat.

Every second count, to avoid more victims or the transformation of the incident from active to hostage situation.
Thus, You will need to USE ALL THE MEANS AVAILABLE TO survive, respond, and terminate the threat.
Train using proven tactics to enhance your survival odds while responding to a life-threatening scenario.

During this exciting day, we will provide you several tactical tools and enhance your skills in 3 different areas:

Shooting Range – Performing drills at the shooting range, responding to different tactical scenarios that will include:

  • Mastering point instinctive shooting
  • Moving exercises and engaging
  • One hand two hand training
  • Tactical respond to various threats
  • Different shooting positions (seating, backside to the target, prone, cover behind a vehicle, etc.)
  • Mastering the use of concealing and cover
  • Engaging after physical activity
  • Training peripheral vision
  • Multiple targets, several shooting possibilities to different distances
  • Use of a vehicle platform shooting from a vehicle
  • Multiple tactical scenarios Drills
  • Essential VIP Protection (protection of family members)

Close Combat Tactical maneuvers simulating a variety of scenarios inside the shoot house.

  • Room Clearing and basic CQB live shooting drill in the shooting house
  • Multiple CQB scenarios
  • Transition from open space to close combat

Using a vehicle platform as conceal and cover and Shooting from inside a stationary and moving vehicle.

Final exercise:

Engaging a threat that will include the transition from different scenarios and situations.
Beginning at the shooting range, transition to the vehicle driving to a different location, shooting from the car transition to an urban area (shoot house), and finishing the shoot house drill.


100% Attendance. Successfully complete all practical exercises.

Who Should attend and prerequisites:
Must have prior training and show proficiency and safe manipulation of the firearm and Capable of engaging in physical activity

Students must bring with them:
Appropriate training attire
Eye & ear protection
Pistol + 3 magazines
Holster suitable for a rapid draw
Magazine pouch for two magazines
300 pistol rounds – Ammunition is available for purchasing onsite at market price.
Light Snacks and light Lunch
Sun Protection

Force IMI Certificate of Completion.


(Sunday) 8:00 am - 7:00 pm


ForceCenter USA


Ticket Section Title

Sold Out!

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