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This is a 2 Day (16 Hours) Course.

Course Outline

The analysis of the enemy MO shows that his primary objective is to kill as many innocent people as possible systematically and that the responding law enforcement or security officer is not the primary enemy target.
Time is critical to mitigate the event and to reduce the number of victims. Therefore, the work assumption will be that any armed first responder will have to engage the enemy to disrupt his actions effectively. Every delayed response will generate more victims.

The individual first responder arriving at a hostile and often unknown situation must count on personal competencies and training. This Two -day intensive course will concentrate on building weapons proficiency and Defensive Krav Maga skills of the individual , as well as developing the fortitude, mental preparation and aggressiveness to successfully respond to such an traumatic event.

By analyzing past events and lessons learned concerning the way to combat this threat, participants will understand the way to prevent and react to an active incident.
This program is designed to provide individual law enforcement officers with the necessary tools to deal with an active incident successfully. It combines the tools to recognize the threat and the tactics to respond.

Subjects covered during the course:

Day 1: Classroom

Prevention Methods review of how and why Israeli organizations developed prevention methods to counter active threats. These include the use of visual predictive profiling, questioning, “detection and analysis of people by action,” and the use of security rings as a security system.

Day 1: DT Hall

Defensive Krav Maga  introduction to Krav Maga. Exercise basic defense skills including:

  1. 360 degrees defense system
  2. Defense against knife
  3. Defense against baton
  4. Defense against a firearm

Day 2: Shooting Range

Israeli Fighting Method introduction and drills of several key concepts such as handgun tactical shooting positions, balancing between speed and accuracy, Israeli point shooting system, and concealing and cover. Key skills that will be acquired includes:

  • Trigger reset
  • Sight and target focus
  • Master/Dominate eye
  • Point Instinctive Shooting
  • Fast draw from concealed
  • Shooting burst and different shooting rate of fire
  • Grip and one-hand shooting
  • Grip and two hand shooting
  • Rapid tactical magazine change
  • Recognition and solving gun malfunction
  • Running with a gun and shooting after running
  • Respond to multiple targets
  • Open corners (concealment and cover)
  • Introduction to CQB live shooting drills at shoot house
  • Speed and accuracy shooting test
  • Tactical live fire drills

Course Goals and Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to achieve the following objectives following the information presented during the instructional period:

  1. Identify critical threat indicators before an active incident, when possible, to prevent it from occurring.
  2. Demonstrate weapons proficiency and Defensive Krav Maga skills.
  3. Operate under high levels of stress with fortitude and aggressiveness appropriate to the given situation and within the confines of the law.
  4. Respond as a single operative and demonstrate the tactics necessary to neutralize the threat successfully.

Methodologies: This course employs lectures, discussions, demonstrations, live fire shooting, and live-fire tactical drills.

Who Should Attend and Prerequisites: This course for conceal carry, law abiding citizens that desire to discover and test new proven technics and tactics that can improve skills to save lives.

Course Requirements and Certification: 100% Attendance and demonstrating safe use and manipulation of the firearm.

FORCE IMI Certification will be given to each participant that completed the course requirements.

Students must bring with them:

  • Appropriate training attire
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Pistol + 3 Magazines
  • Holster suitable for a rapid draw
  • Magazine pouch for two magazines
  • 350 pistol rounds
  • FORCE IMI will provide Krav Maga safety equipment

Course Contact:

If you have any questions please contact Senior Instructor Haim Geri at

COVID-19 Business Statement

We are in compliance with the Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

To protect our employees and students, Force IMI will be exercising CDC protocols to maintain healthy business operations. Our goal is to keep a healthy training environment both in the classroom and on the shooting range. We do so by applying CDC policies and practices for social distancing. Social distancing means avoiding large gatherings and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters and performing routine environmental cleaning and disinfection). Please visit the CDC site for more information.

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