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Home Defense and Room Clearing

Course Days/Hours: 2 Days, 14 Hours


This course covers ways to prevent a stressful event inside your home and respond with determination to a deadly scenario. While prevention is the key to avoid the need to use force, we will teach and train you to use the essential skills to protect your home if prevention doesn’t work. The student will be prepared to enhance the physical capability to handle a firearm as the mental strength to respond to a demanding scenario.

Subject to be covered during this class

  • Introduction to Physical Security
  • The purpose of a personal and home protection plan.
  • Prevention tools and concepts
    • Intelligence
    • Threat Based Security (MO)
    • Effective Priorities in Security
    • Deterrence
    • Seeking Engagement (Pro-activity)
    • Security Ring (Layers) Extended Security Rings
  • Predictive Profiling /Suspicious Indicators
  • Conflict avoidance and why it is so important.
  • Situational awareness.
  • The color codes of awareness.
  • Observing our environments.
  • Mental exercises & scenarios
  • Navigating Your Home
  • Clearing a structure (looking after a perpetrator)
  • Evaluating Your Home’s Security
  • Home Security Inspection checklist
  • Home Defense Planning
  • The slice pie technique for room clearing / Limited penetration is a technique
  • Open corner technique
  • Room Clearing
  • Door open
  • CQB fighting techniques
  • Clearing corridors, stairs, and complex angles.
  • How to use the OODA loop
  • Using a gun in a CQB environment
  • Live shooting using the shoot house clearing
  • Introduction to Defensive Krav Maga
    • Defense against: Knife, Baton, and firearm

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Who Should Attend?:

The class is for shooters that possess certain knowledge and skills using a handgun and feel secure and comfortable while safely manipulating firearms.


This course employs classroom lectures and discussions, demonstrations, dry training and live shooting drills using the shooting house.

Course Requirements:

100% Attendance. Successfully complete all practical exercises.

Students must bring with them:

  • Appropriate training attire (no open shirts or tank-top) Closed toe shoes
  • A cover shirt with front buttons for concealing training
  • Robust belt to carry the weight of the gun and magazines
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Pistol + 3 magazines
  • Fitting holster
  • Magazine pouch for two magazines
  • 250 pistol rounds


Force IMI Certificate of Completion

Contact: H Geri –

  • If you are unable to bring the above, please let us know we will provide eye and year protection and a 9mm handgun.
  • Please advise the need for lodging. We can provide accommodation on site. Force Center has six condo-style buildings that each have three private bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, living rooms, and covered parking. Upon your request, we will provide the lodging rate.


COVID-19 Business Statement
We are following the Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).
To protect our employees and students, Force IMI will be exercising CDC protocols to maintain healthy business operations. Our goal is to keep a healthy training environment both in the classroom and on the shooting range. We do so by applying CDC policies and practices for social distancing. Social distancing means avoiding large gatherings and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters and performing routine environmental cleaning and disinfection). Please visit the CDC site for more information.

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