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This course is a combination of the concealed carry course and introduction to handgun

Students will get the necessary knowledge to apply for Florida concealed carry permit and progress to the advanced use of a firearm and set the baseline and standards to acquire skills that are necessary to respond to stressful and life-threatening circumstances.

Section I - Concealed Carry License - 9AM to 12PM

The first part of the class will give the student the basic knowledge and attitudes necessary for safely dealing with a firearm.
As a conceal carry individual, you will need to understand what is the right handgun for you; we will assist you in making a choice.

  • Safety above everything
  • Understanding the safety triangle
  • Pistol Handling and weapon selection
  • Firearm terminology and ammunition options and applications
  • Shooting basics
  • Conceal Carry Options
  • Grip options
  • Different shooting positions – natural and neutral shooting platform
  • Point / instinctive shooting
  • Flash sight picture
  • Precise sight alignment
  • Trigger control

This class will qualify students to apply for a Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License.

Section II - Introduction to Handgun - 12:30PM to 5:30PM

Introduction to the use of your firearm in a realistic way to control and respond to a life-threatening situation with the address to Concealed Carry issues. The class is for current Concealed Carry License holders that would like to improve their confidence while using a firearm by enhancing safety and manipulation skills.

  • Gear, Gadgets, Magazines and different types of ammo and the use of each one
  • Situational Awareness, The right mindset and prevention measures, and tools
  • Concealment Holsters / Carry Options
  • Body and mind response to a stressful situation
  • Decision making (The OODA loop)
  • Different carry options
  • Various Drawing Techniques- including from concealment
  • Fighting Shooting Stance
  • Different Shooting Techniques to confront various threats (Precise Sight Alignment, Point Shooting, and Flash Sight Picture)
  • Mastering Magazine Change and clearing, malfunctions

Prerequisites: Participants must plan to apply for concealed carry permit or possess a Florida concealed carry permit and must be capable of engaging in some physical exercise.

Who Should Attend: This course is a basic to intermediate. For section one students don’t need prior training for the second section student should have previous training and be able to use the pistol safely.

Course Requirements and Certification
100% Attendance and demonstrating safe use and manipulation of the firearm.
Pass the 50 round shooting tests by achieving the right balance between precision and accuracy

FORCE IMI certification will be given to each participant who completed the course requirements. This class will qualify students to apply for a Florida Concealed Weapon License

Students must bring with them
Appropriate training attire (no tank tops or open toed shoes)
Eye & ear protection
Pistol + 3 magazines
Holster suitable for a rapid draw
Magazine pouch for two magazines
200 pistol rounds – Ammo is available at market price
Light snack and water

If you are unable to bring the above, please let us know we will provide eye and year protection and a 9 mm handgun.

Course Contact:
If you have any questions, please contact Senior Instructor Haim Geri at

COVID-19 Business Statement
We are following the Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

To protect our employees and students, Force IMI will be exercising CDC protocols to maintain healthy business operations. Our goal is to keep a healthy training environment both in the classroom and on the shooting range. We do so by applying CDC policies and practices for social distancing. Social distancing means avoiding large gatherings and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters and performing routine environmental cleaning and disinfection). Please visit the CDC site for more information.

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